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Lunchbox Notes - Holiday Pack - 52 Pack

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  • UNIQUE GIFT - For parents of school children for when their child opens their Star Wars, Hello Kitty or Disney Frozen lunchboxes they will find a special note for them.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE - Some cards are patterned but blank in the middle for a hand written note from mom or dad to your special girl. You can also write on the back. Printed on card stack for that purpose.
  • 52 PACK - Fifty two cards that will help you brighten your student's before the holidays with a holiday themed card to get them excited about the upcoming holiday in their lunch box or bag.
  • 2x3 INCHES - small and compact to fit in lunchboxes or lunch bags or whatever lunch container your kid uses.
  • CARD STOCK - It is made of think card stock paper so make sure that if you have a cooler, insulated for hot or cold food, lunch bag or tin lunchbox that you seal up your bags because the paper will stain.
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