Our Brand's Stories

In 2010, I wanted to sell some digital prints and stretch my creative legs with some ideas I had, so I was selling online but most of the customers loved my prints but didn't want to go and print them so they asked me to do it and this changed my whole business plan as I went from only digital prints to a full custom print shop.  My little shop grew from a $50 a month business to a quarter of a million a year business which is Sprinkled Joy, LLC.  

I have been featured on ToriSpelling.com, Good Housekeeping Magazine, CupcakeMAG, Babble.com, Babyzone.com, pregnancy.about.com, The Handmade Home and many other wonderful online blogs and sites.  For five years I have maintained a five (5) star rating with over 1500 ratings.  I love helping people beautify their homes and love the great comments customers leave me.  I created a new division to my company and brand called More Sprinkled Joy that focused on decorative party products, mainly decorative paper straws and colorful daisy mason jar lids.  Our home base is Sandy, Utah.

My second company Cariad Kolme, LLC is a mixture of Welsh (my lineage) and Finnish (my husband's lineage) so Cariad meaning beloved and Kolme is three (3) since we have 3 beloved children and the name is cool to boot.  I've met some wonderful people in various online selling groups, including one that sells on Amazon, and we decided we needed to expand and it gave my husband something to do, haha.  We have already several brands, Kolme Kitchens, Outdoor Nook and Mohawk Golfing.